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Information Security
in the Multi-Platform Era

„Reactive security is NOT security – only security by design can ensure the safe success of your digital business.“
Mark Child, CEE Security Practice Lead, IDC CEMA

About IDC Security Roadshow

Over the past 20 years, security has grown into a topic that is now analyzed, rehashed, discussed, and examined from every angle. Every stakeholder group — be it security executives, hands-on experts, software and service providers, and so on — has a value proposition that it vehemently advocates.

IDC provides a unique independent platform to discuss with experts, exchange ideas, engage in workshops, and say what’s on your mind. Everyone is invited to share and participate — giving you the opportunity to gain valuable insights!

Key Topics

Make It All Add Up: Secure Applications, Cloud & Security, Incident Response



Digital business moves fast. But agile development and rapid application rollout must be balanced with the need for secure apps. How to drive DX without the digital danger.

Managing Cloud Adoption Securely

Whose responsibility starts and ends where? What should be in an SLA? What is shadow IT and why should we care?


Security incidents begin even before links are clicked. How to raise security awareness: security training and best practices for employees. Breach reporting to authorities and in the media.

Tech Level


Secure apps and agile development. Should every agile cycle end with deployment? Automating code review and integrating security into development without putting the brakes on business.

Cloudy with a chance of Security

Whose responsibility starts and ends where? What should be in an SLA? How to get a grip on shadow IT? Does CASB + segmentation = job done? XaaS Security

Minimize Incidents, Optimize Response

Security incidents begin even before links are clicked. Developing cyber resilience; improving detection and remediation capabilities. Orchestrating, automating, and accelerating response.

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